Training & Capability Development

We will assist in the development of technical capabilities of clients and professionals through training /on the job support/solutions on high end technologies areas of Geology, Geophysics, Petro-physics, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling and Completion, Integrated Facilities design & execution and Production technology.

  • We would assist in development of soft skill of your staffs through training and capability building exercise in collaboration with eminent personalities.
  • We will develop proprietary training course modules and engage expert trainer for the capability development of client’s professionals.
  • We will engage in local dealership/ agency of technology solution providers/ software service providers/developers focusing energy sector but not limited to upstream hydrocarbon Industry. In such case, company will provide sale, after sale service and training with collaboration with the principals.

Training course in our Portfolio

  1. Applied Reservoir Mapping and Resource Assessment (4days) –      by Robert C Shoup
  2. Seismic Reservoir Characterization (4 days) – Dr. Ravi Kant Pathak